Bathroom Remodel

Space planning is a critical first step for any remodeling project. For our client’s bathroom, we opened up the space dramatically, which allowed natural light to flood in.

barbarabath-24 bal doneSQ-small.jpg

We condensed the closet area and moved the toilet to create a wider shower. We relocated the valve to the right side of the shower for the ease of turning on the water. We also expanded the size of the window as well as installed a back-lit vanity mirror, which created a floating illusion. 


Aside from improving functionality and foot traffic, this project is a great example of how design can create a more inviting space. The floating vanity adds a touch of warmth to the space while the crisp white tile accented with blue gloss adds a whimsical pop of color, creating a timeless interior.

be inspired.

barbarabath-27 bal done-small.jpg
barbarabath-08 bal done-small.jpg